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Best Thai Breakfast Recipes

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This list of Thai breakfast recipes is perfect to start your day. Here, you’ll find traditional meals like Thai congee, and also quick bites like moo ping, popular street food for busy mornings.

Thai breakfast recipes, a collage of traditional Thai morning meals including grilled meats, rice, and soup.

After preparing your Thai breakfast, you can browse through my collection of easy Thai recipes, Thai street food recipes, and Thai desserts for more delicious meals to enjoy throughout your day!

Breakfast in Thailand

Before we take a look at what meals Thai people enjoy in the morning, I want to share some insights about Thai breakfast food. Breakfast in Thailand is quite different from what you’d find in Western countries.

When my husband first met me, he was quite surprised to see me at the breakfast table with grilled chicken and a bowl of Thai sticky rice. By now, he’s gotten used to it, and we enjoy mornings filled with grilled meat, rice, and spicy dipping sauces together.

Top-view of Thai chicken wings on a banana leaf, with sticky rice in a traditional basket.
Grilled chicken with Thai sticky rice is one of my favorite Thai breakfasts!

When you travel to Thailand, many hotels will offer breakfast. This often includes a mix of Thai and Western food, or sometimes just Western food. A great tip is to head out early in the morning to a local market, where you’ll find delicious and fresh local breakfast options. This way, you’re also supporting the local community!

What do Thai people eat for breakfast

In Thailand, we don’t really stick to fixed breakfast rituals like they do in Western countries like Belgium (where I grew up), eating bread every morning and even at lunch. In Thailand, we enjoy lots of different dishes in the morning. Think Thai noodles like pad mama, Thai breakfast soup like khao tom, and even street food like sai krok Isan.

I don’t know any Thai who eats the same thing every morning! However, there are popular morning meals, such as Thai jok and soups.

In this list of traditional Thai breakfasts, I’ve gathered my personal favorites. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other Thai breakfasts out there. I think it’s impossible to say what is or isn’t a suitable breakfast meal, as not all Thai people eat the same breakfast.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite Thai morning meals!

Thai breakfast recipes

Thai congee, jok rice porridge, with pork meatballs, garnished with green onions and coriander with egg.
Thai Congee Recipe (Rice Porridge) Jok
Thai congee, or jok, is a comforting rice porridge that's perfect for starting your day. It's a simple dish that combines rice, broth, and often pork meatballs and ginger for flavor. It's a breakfast favorite in Thailand, known for its soothing, creamy texture.
Jok can be customized with many toppings like freshly chopped green onions, crispy fried garlic, or a soft boiled egg. This makes it a fun breakfast option perfect for families.
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Thai roti dessert squares generously topped with sweetened condensed milk on a banana leaf.
Authentic Thai Roti Dessert Recipe
Thai roti is a popular dessert that can be served for breakfast too. It's a flatbread that can be customized with ingredients like banana, egg, or condensed milk, and can be found at food markets.
I love roti for its crispy edges and soft center. Whenever I make or order it, I drizzle it with lots of sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle some sugar on top for a sweet touch. Yummy!
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Moo ping, served in a clay dish with a banana leaf and white flowers.
Moo Ping Recipe (Thai Pork Skewers)
Moo ping, or Thai grilled pork skewers, is a street food favorite across Thailand. Pork gets marinated in a blend of creamy coconut milk and Thai spices and seasonings, and then grilled over charcoal.
It's often sold together with a small plastic bag of Thai sticky rice at the morning markets in Thailand, making it one of my go-to breakfast options for when I'm traveling.
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Kanom krok, Thai coconut pancakes, on a banana leaf.
Kanom Krok Recipe (Authentic Thai Coconut Pancakes)
Kanom krok are delicious Thai coconut pancakes, enjoyed for dessert or as a snack throughout the day. They're small pancakes with a crispy outer layer and a soft inside made of coconut milk. Traditionally, they are cooked in a special cast-iron pan, and they're sold at many food markets.
Even though they're a dessert, I find them perfect for breakfast too, as they are small, sweet, and filling bites!
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Top-view of Thai chicken wings on a banana leaf, with sticky rice in a traditional basket.
Thai Chicken Wings Recipe (Gai Yang)
Gai yang, or grilled chicken, is a popular choice for breakfast in the Northeastern part of Thailand, known as Isan, but it's also perfect for any time of the day. The chicken is known for being juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. While it's typically served with sticky rice, jasmine rice can be a great alternative as well.
In Thailand, it's common to see vendors by the roadside preparing this grilled chicken from early in the morning until late at night.
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Thai vegetable soup, tom jued, in a black bowl.
Thai Vegetable Soup (Tom Jued)
Tom jued is a healthy Thai vegetable soup, perfect for a light and easy breakfast option. It's made with a clear broth and lots of vegetables, gently flavored with garlic, pepper, and oyster sauce (in my recipe).
This soup is comforting and ideal for a simple start to your day. It's one of my grandmother's favorites, and she always prepares it with fresh veggies from her garden.
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Thai minced pork omelette served on a banana leaf with lime and prik nam pla.
Thai Minced Pork Omelette (Kai Jeow Moo Sab)
Kai jeow, a Thai egg breakfast, is flavorful and easy to make. Eggs are fried with minced pork until golden and slightly crispy.
This omelette is versatile and can be customized to your taste. It's perfect for a quick meal any time of the day, so not just reserved for breakfast. I like it best with a side of steamed jasmine rice and some spicy Thai hot sauce.
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Khao tom, Thai rice soup with pork meatballs, in a blue-white soup bowl, garnished with green onions and celery. Behind the bowl is a large clay soup pot.
Khao Tom (Thai Rice Soup Recipe)
Khao tom is a popular Thai breakfast option. This Thai rice soup is perfect for any morning or a tasty meal throughout the day. It's a savory broth filled with rice, often with chicken, fish, or pork. It's easy to digest, soothing, and warm, making it ideal for colder days.
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A Thai fried egg served on pasta.
Thai Fried Egg Recipe (Kai Dao)
Kai dao, or Thai fried egg, is often served with other Thai food to add richness and flavor. The key is to fry the egg in plenty of hot oil, which puffs up the whites while keeping the yolk just the right consistency.
A Thai fried egg is perfect for serving over Thai fried rice and pad kra pao, but can also be enjoyed on its own or with jasmine rice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
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Thai son-in-law eggs with fried shallots and dried chilies, drizzled with a tamarind based sauce.
Thai Son-in-Law Eggs Recipe (Kai Look Keuy)
Kai look are hard-boiled eggs that are fried until the exterior is crispy, and then drizlled with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. You can top it with crispy fried shallots and fresh chilies for some spice.
It's a combination of sweet, sour, and spicy notes, the key flavors of Thai cuisine.
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Several khao jee or sticky rice with egg, shaped in a hamburger-shape on top of a banana leaf, in a clay dish. Behind it are some flowers as decoration.
Khao Jee Recipe (Sticky Rice With Egg)
Khao jee brings back so many childhood memories. My grandmother used to make these grilled rice egg patties for breakfast during the winter months.
It's a simple-to-make, traditional Thai food that's perfect for breakfast. It combines sticky rice and egg, grilled or fried until the outside is crispy with a soft inside. It's a popular street food option in Thailand that's easy to make at home.
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Close-up of Thai steamed egg with vegetables with a custard-like texture, spooned up to show the delicate consistency.
Thai Steamed Egg With Vegetables
Thai steamed egg with vegetables is a fun-to-make Thai egg breakfast that's healthy and perfect for the family. It combines smooth, soft eggs with fresh vegetables, steamed to perfection. It's lightly seasoned, offering a warm, gentle flavor that's just right for a light meal or side dish.
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Thai soft-boiled egg kai luak seasoned with pepper in a clear glass bowl.
Thai Soft Boiled Egg Recipe (Kai Luak)
Kai luak, or Thai soft-boiled eggs, are something you'd grab at the side of the road or food markets. It's harder to find these days, but there's still one place near my house that serves them.
They're seen as a quick energy boost for breakfast, often served in a shot glass. It's just egg, but it's really good, unique, and gives you the protein and energy you need to start your day. Simple and tasty!
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Close-up of Thai cha-om omelette served in a white dish with a lime wedge.
Thai Cha-Om Omelette Recipe (Acacia Leaves Egg)
This is a unique Thai omelette prepared with acacia leaves, giving it a distinct, slightly bitter flavor. It's easy to make, just beat the eggs with the leaves and fry it until fluffy. It's a special taste but definitely worth trying if you like traditional Thai food.
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Kor moo yang, Thai grilled pork, served with moo yang sauce.
Moo Yang Recipe (Thai Grilled Pork)
Moo yang is a favorite in my family. The pork is marinated in a mix of Thai sauces and seasonings, then grilled until it's smoky. We eat it with sticky rice and a spicy sauce like nam jim jaew. It's delicious and full of flavor!
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Thai sticky rice in a bamboo basket.
How To Make Thai Sticky Rice (Khao Niao)
Every single morning, my grandfather is up super early, around 4 am, to start making sticky rice for the day. He's been doing this since I was little. Sticky rice is a big deal in Northeastern Thailand, Isan, where it's a staple for many people's daily meals. Around here, lots of people prefer it even more than jasmine rice.
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Black sticky rice topped with smooth Thai custard.
Sweet Sticky Rice With Thai Custard (Sangkaya Recipe)
Okay, okay, I know it's more of a dessert than a breakfast, but you're going to love it. You've got the coconut milk-infused sticky rice, but then you top it with this perfect egg custard. It's sweet but not too heavy, making it an ideal way to finish off a meal or start your day.
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Thai boat noodles, or kuay teow reua, with pork and meatballs served in a traditional clay dish.
Thai Boat Noodles Recipe (Kuay Teow Reua)
I've saved the best for last. Thai boat noodles, or kuay teow reua, is my favorite Thai dish. It's a rich, tasty broth with pork blood, rice noodles, and meat. It's pretty much every Thai's favorite street food and is perfect at any time of the day. Each bowl is packed with spices, herbs, and a good kick of heat.
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As you can see, Thai breakfast recipes are a world of its own. Be sure to try making one of my favorites at home, or visit a morning market when you travel to Thailand. Also, take a look at my collection of Issan Thai food recipes and healthy Thai recipes.

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