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30 Thai Street Food Recipes for Home Cooks

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This collection of 30 Thai street food recipes is perfect for home cooks who want to try some of Thailand’s most iconic snacks and dishes. Every single one of these is an absolute must-try and seriously delicious when homemade, including pork satay and that sweet Thai mango sticky rice that’s just too good to pass up.

Collage of four Thai street food recipes, with pad Thai, pork over rice, fried chicken, and BBQ pork.

What’s the best thing about Thailand? Food markets! A loud street lined with stalls, the aroma of moo ping sizzling on the grill, and the pounding of a Thai mortar and pestle preparing a crunchy som tum Thai.

Back when I lived in Belgium, I missed it like crazy. Day in, day out, all I could think about was getting back to those Thai markets. We’d go back to Thailand once a year, and I was so excited, I’d pack my bags weeks before we left.

Those fancy restaurants in Belgium were not my thing. What really makes me happy is the simple stuff – a charcoal grill with some Thai chicken wings, a steaming bowl of noodle soup, and a spicy pad kra pao (holy basil stir-fry).

Seriously, I think the best Thai food is found on the streets. If you’re ever in Thailand, go check out that little food stall tucked away in some alley. Might just be the best street food you’ll ever try. Oh, and definitely do not skip all those delicious Thai desserts you’ll see!

What is Thai street food

Thai street food is a collection of snacks and dishes you find on the street in Thailand. It ranges from noodle dishes like the classic chicken pad Thai to crispy snacks like Thai fried bananas and even a refreshing iced coffee.

Customers shopping at a Thai market stalls with fresh fruits like green mangoes.
I’m not sure if green mango counts as street food, but it’s definitely one of my favorite on-the-go snacks!

Honestly, sitting here and pinning down what exactly counts as Thai street food is so, so hard. Thai street food markets are full of everything! I’ve seen Thai green curry, pla pao (grilled fish), and even khao lam cooked in bamboo.

Finding the right Thai recipes to bring you was really a challenge. You can spot almost any dish at a Thai market, right?

But, I’ve put together a bunch of recipes that, to me, are Thai street food. Not everyone might agree on what makes the list, but one thing’s for sure – they’re all equally delicious!

Street food recipes

Each one of these recipes comes with easy instructions and step-by-step images so you can recreate them at home. Enjoy!

Kai tod, Thai fried chicken wings, served with sweet chili dipping sauce.

Kai Tod (Thai Fried Chicken Wings Recipe)

These Thai fried chicken wings are always delicious, especially when paired with Thai sticky rice and sweet chili sauce. They’re the perfect mix of savory and crispy and are perfect for the family.

Tom yum noodle soup served in a traditional clay bowl with toppings of boiled-egg, beef balls, liver, and fried wontons.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup Recipe (Guay Tiew Tom Yum)

This tom yum noodle soup has all those hot and sour flavors we love, with noodles of your choice and lots of delicious toppings. I added fried wontons, boiled eggs, and even peanuts, but you can totally make it yours and add your favorites.

Several Thai lotus flower cookies.

Thai Lotus Flower Cookies Recipe (Kanom Dok Jok)

This Thai lotus flower cookies recipe is easy and fun to make with the kids, and your family will absolutely love them. They’re so deliciously sweet and the best thing is that they stay crunchy for days after making them!

Thai vegetable spring rolls served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe

These are just like those crunchy spring rolls you’d find at a Thai food market. They’re ready for dipping in my Thai sweet chili sauce and easy to customize with your favorite fillings.

Sai krok Isan with a side of chilies and lettuce.

Sai Krok Isan (Thai Sausage Recipe)

These sausage snacks are the real deal. They’re incredibly popular in Isan, Northeastern Thailand. Perfect as a snack on the go or as a side for your next meal.

Khanom chan, Thai layer cake dessert.

Khanom Chan Recipe (Authentic Thai Layer Cake)

This layered cake is sweet, coconutty, and heavenly soft. I wish I could eat it every day. This dessert is perfect for making ahead of time and serving at your next party.

Several kanom krok, Thai coconut pancakes, served on a traditional bamboo dish.

Kanom Krok Recipe (Authentic Thai Coconut Pancakes)

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a sweet coconut filling that’s downright delicious. They can be found at many Thai street food markets and are typically prepared with a kanom krok pan.

Moo dad deaw, Thai pork jerky, served with nam jim jaew sauce.

Authentic Moo Dad Deaw Recipe (Thai Pork Jerky)

This recipe for Thai pork jerky has the best marinade ever. It’s savory with a hint of sweet and they’re perfect for snacking.

Chicken pad Thai with Thai chili flakes and a lime wedge.

Authentic Chicken Pad Thai Recipe

Another classic – these noodles are the perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and savory. It’s the perfect introduction to Thai food for your family and friends, with homemade pad Thai sauce that you can prep ahead.

Thai Beef Jerky Recipe (Neua Dad Deaw)

This recipe is a must-try for anyone who loves beefy snacks with a lot of flavor. It’s a staple in my family, and I don’t shy away from saying that these are some of the best I’ve had.

Several Thai fried bananas, kluay kaek, served in a bamboo woven dish.

Thai Fried Bananas Recipe (Authentic Kluay Kaek)

This authentic recipe was given to me by a street vendor in my village. After frying, these bananas stay crisp for hours. They’re sweet, crunchy, and perfect for kids.

Khao moo dang, Thai red pork, with a side of boiled eggs, jasmine rice, and greens.

Khao Moo Dang Recipe (Thai Red Pork)

Slices of sweet, savory red pork over jasmine rice. It’s total comfort food and always a hit. The sauce is the best thing about it, and you’ll want to savor it till the last drop.

Kanom jeen nam ya, rice noodles with Thai fish curry, served with crisp lettuce and chopped yard long beans.

Kanom Jeen Nam Ya (Rice Noodles With Thai Fish Curry)

A staple in Northeastern Thailand, these are soft rice noodles with a spicy fish curry. It’s perfect for those who are on the lookout for something new.

Moo Yang Recipe (Thai Grilled Pork)

Marinated pork grilled to perfection. Moo yang is often made with pork neck, but this recipe is versatile, and the marinade can make anything better. If you love a smoky, sweet, and slightly charred taste, you’ll love these as a snack or complete meal with rice.

Tod mun pla, Thai fish cakes, frying in oil.

Tod Mun Pla Recipe (Thai Fish Cakes)

These Thai fish cakes are made with homemade red curry paste. They’re incredibly tasty and fragrant, with kaffir lime leaves as a key ingredient. You can use your favorite type of fish and freeze them for later!

Khao kha moo, Thai braised pork leg, with a side of jasmine rice and boiled eggs.

Khao Kha Moo (Thai Braised Pork Leg Recipe)

Slow-cooked pork leg that’s fall-apart tender, served with rice, boiled eggs, and a side of greens. This is one of my favorite pork recipes, and you can simply put it on the stove top and forget about it for several hours.

Khao man gai, Thai chicken rice, with dipping sauce and fried chicken.

Khao Man Gai Recipe (Thai Chicken Rice) ข้าวมันไก่

Thai chicken rice is one of the most classic Thai street foods ever. All Thai people love it, adults and kids alike. It’s typically served with a spicy sauce and a side of sliced cucumber.

Kanom jeeb, Thai dumplings, served with a spicy soy-based sauce.

Kanom Jeeb (Thai Dumplings Recipe)

Everyone loves dumplings, right? These are incredibly easy to make, with a simple filling of ground pork, just like those found in my village. They’re soft, slightly chewy, and perfect with the homemade sauce.

Ba mee moo dang, Thai egg noodles with red pork, drizzled with sauce and a side of greens.

Ba Mee Moo Dang Recipe (BBQ Pork Noodle Soup)

You can go two ways with this egg noodles recipe – either serve everything in a tasty broth or top your noodles with Thai red pork and then drizzle them with the most irresistible savory-sweet sauce you’ve ever tasted.

Thai roti pancake drizzled with sweet condensed milk.

Authentic Thai Roti Dessert Recipe

Thai roti is a staple in Southern Thailand and you can have it for breakfast, dinner, as a snack throughout the day, and even as dessert. I love to drizzle it with lots of sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle it with sugar. Yummy yummy!

Green mango slices with jeow mak muang, a Lao fruit dipping sauce.

Jeow Mak Muang Recipe (Lao Fruit Dipping Sauce)

This spicy fruit dipping sauce is perfect with sliced green mangoes, which are sold all across Thailand – even at gas stations! They typically come with a spicy dip or an accompaniment of sugar and spices.

Khao jee, Thai sticky rice with egg patties.

Khao Jee Recipe (Sticky Rice With Egg)

Sticky rice with egg grilled over charcoal. It’s a typical Thai breakfast, but for me, it’s an anytime treat. It’s simple and so easy to make, just the perfect thing when you’re not sure what to eat.

Thai mango sticky rice served in a white dish.

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Recipe (Khao Niao Mamuang)

Ask any person about Thai food, and they’ll start talking about pad Thai or mango sticky rice. How could I not include this in my list of Thai street food recipes? It’s sweet, creamy, and totally irresistible.

Thai pork larb with raw garlic cloves and fresh vegetables served alongside.

Authentic Thai Pork Larb Recipe

A healthy, spicy, and fresh salad with a simple yet tasty dressing. This recipe is easy to customize with your favorite proteins like beef and chicken.

Beef pad see ew served in a black dish with chopsticks.

Beef Pad See Ew Recipe (Thai Rice Noodles)

Fresh rice noodles stir-fried with beef and Chinese broccoli. It’s a classic that never disappoints and is always full of flavor, perfect for a quick dinner.

Moo ping, Thai grilled pork skewers, served on a banana leaf in a clay dish.

Moo Ping Recipe (Thai Pork Skewers)

These marinated pork skewers are smoky, slightly sweet, and easy enough for any home cook to make. You can make them in advance for your next backyard party with the family, or keep them all for yourself.

Thai chicken wings with a side of Thai sticky rice.

Thai Chicken Wings Recipe (Gai Yang)

These Thai chicken wings are so delicious and juicy. I love pairing them with Thai sticky rice but a side of jasmine rice is just as good. Grill them or fry them, they’re great either way!

Som tum Thai, green papaya salad, with tomatoes and yard long beans.

Som Tum Thai Recipe (Green Papaya Salad)

Easy and authentic family recipe for som tum Thai, green papaya salad. Whipped up in less than 20 minutes with juicy tomatoes and crisp yard long beans.

Pad kra pao, Thai basil pork, topped with a fried egg.

Pad Kra Pao Recipe (Authentic Thai Basil Pork)

Thai holy basil stir-fry is the most iconic street food ever. It’s quick and easy, and you can find it almost anywhere. With a side of jasmine rice and a fried egg, it’s a classic that’s almost impossible not to love.

Beef pad Thai with chopsticks, a side of bean sprouts and sugar, peanuts, and red pepper flakes.

Beef Pad Thai Recipe

Just like the chicken version but with hearty beef. This meaty version of one of the most famous Thai dishes of flavor and easy to make with rice noodles and traditional toppings like peanuts, white sugar, and a wedge of lime.

For those who still can’t get enough, I have many healthy Thai food recipes, more than 60 easy Thai recipes, and some of the best traditional mortar and pestle recipes waiting for you!


These were some of my favorite Thai street food recipes. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve tried any of these, and don’t forget to follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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