Me and my neice eating khao jee (sticky rice with egg) on top of a bamboo table. I am pointing a khao jee that I took a bite of to the camera.

Sawadee ka! I’m Praew, your Thai KITCHEN guide. 

Welcome to my Thai food-filled corner of the internet, where I bring you my family’s treasured recipes with a side of love and a sprinkle of fun.

Nestled in the heart of rice fields with my hubby, our home is a rural paradise that fuels my culinary creations. Our lively trio of dogs, a pair of adorable cows, and a bunch of chatty chicken make every day a whirlwind of joy.

So, pull up a chair, and let’s dig into my collection of authentic Thai recipes together!

me, my husband, our 3 dogs and our 2 cows

My 1-minute introduction

My culinary love began as a kiddo in my mom’s and grandma’s outdoor kitchen.

At the age of six – I swapped Thailand for Belgium, but my love for Thai cuisine didn’t get lost. At 16, I was the young student of a Thai restaurant, learning all the secrets of Thai food after school and in the weekends.

And guess what? I even opened my own Thai restaurant!

But when the 2021 economy got sour, my hubby and I took it as a sign to pack our bags. We closed our restaurant, packed our essentials, and booked a one-way ticket back to the land of pad Thai, fresh coconuts, and perfect sunsets.

An overhead shot of Thai fried rice in 2 pans.

My Mission: To Help You Become A Better Chef At Thai Cuisine.

I owned my own Thai restaurant and have years of experience in various other Thai restaurants. Plus, I’ve been whipping up classic Thai dishes by my mother’s and grandma’s side since I was just a little girl.

Together we’ll make delicious Thai dishes while I also teach you a thing or two about Thai cultural traditions with each dish. Despite the rich history behind the flavors, rest assured that my instructions are straightforward. 

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, I genuinely believe that everyone can find joy and something to love in Thai cuisine.

I hope my recipes inspire a love for Thai food in you.


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