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Authentic Thai Recipes

Welcome to Hungry in Thailand! Here, you will find the best authentic Thai recipes, perfect for anyone looking to cook delicious Thai meals at home. Explore my collection of authentic Thai food with the best dishes of Thai cuisine, tested and approved by foodies all around the globe.

Thai Appetizer Recipes

Find the best starter dishes with options for everyone, including spring rolls, chicken satay with peanut sauce, and moo ping!

Thai Dessert Recipes

Find the best Thai desserts with many sweet treats, including sticky rice with mango and lots of vegan-friendly coconut milk options.

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Sawasdee Ka! My Name Is Praew

I’m happy to guide you through the streets of Thailand, right from my kitchen. For me, cooking is more than a passion – it’s a way to share stories of tradition and deliciousness. I put my heart into making authentic Thai recipes for you, filling each with my love and joy.

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Thai Food Recipes

On this authentic Thai food blog you’ll find traditional Thai recipes that have been in my family for years, plus some of my own creations. Whether you like classic stir-fries, fragrant curries, or healthy Thai salads, I’ve got something for everyone.

Thai Dinner Recipes

In this collection, you’ll find the best Thai dishes for dinner – a delicious assortment of Thai meals with favorites for everyone.

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