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20 Traditional Thai Desserts You Must Try

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Here are 20 traditional Thai desserts you must try! These popular recipes are famous for their refreshing flavors and delicious use of coconut milk and aromatic pandan.

Assorted Thai desserts including coconut milk desserts, sweet dumplings, sticky rice coconut milk, and sangkaya.

Thai desserts are colorful, fragrant, and some are made with special ingredients like tapioca and glutinous rice. The most famous is surely Thai mango sticky rice, which you can find in almost every Thai restaurant.

There are those that are easy to make, like banana in coconut milk, but also those that can be very time-consuming, like luk chup (edible mini fruits). Whichever you try, the end result will definitely be worth it!

Khao tom mud, Thai sticky rice banana dessert, presented in banana leaves and a bamboo basket.
Khao tom mud, a delicious Thai dessert with sticky rice and banana.

Personally, I’ve had a sweet tooth since I was a child. You can always make me happy during the warm summer days with delicious mango ice cream, or even with a simple portion of shaved ice.

I’m so glad I can share my list of easy Thai dessert recipes with you, and now that this Thai food blog has been around for 2 years, I’ve collected quite a few!

A Thai woman working a mortar and pestle.

Make sure to check out my Thai breakfast recipes for delicious meals to start your day, or try Authentic Thai cooking techniques in my collection of mortar and pestle recipes!

If you ever visit Thailand, you should definitely try one of these sweet dishes, or just make them at home with these easy recipes. Happy cooking!

Thai desserts

Banana in coconut milk dessert served.
Banana In Coconut Milk (Kluai Buat Chi Recipe)
Banana in coconut milk is hands down one of the easiest Thai desserts you'll find on this Thai food blog. It takes just 20 minutes to make with simple ingredients. I adore it during the warm summer days, especially when it's chilled straight from the fridge! Be sure to give this one a try at home, and do use Thai bananas, which you can find at Asian grocery stores. They make the dish authentically delicious!
Check out this recipe
Top-down view of Thai bua loy dessert with glutinous rice balls swimming in coconut milk, served in a coconut shell.
Bua Loy Dessert Recipe (Rice Balls in Coconut Milk)
Bua loy is one of my favorite Thai sweet dishes. It's made from colorful sticky rice balls swimming in creamy coconut milk. My favorite flavors are pandan and purple potato, which create fun, colorful rice balls. It's such a great recipe to get into on the weekend with the kids – they'll love the colors and the slipperiness of the balls, not to mention the joy of making them from scratch!
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Thai coconut custard, khanom tuay, in small ceramic bowls.
Thai Coconut Custard Dessert (Khanom Tuay Recipe)
This Thai coconut custard, also known as khanom tuay in Thailand, is similar to a pudding – sweet and creamy, plus it's vegan and gluten-free! It's a quick and easy recipe that's best made in the traditional white cups with a blue rim, but you can also use any cups you have at home, just adjust the steaming time accordingly.
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Thai Lod Chong served in a coconut shell bowl with cendol drink in tall glass.
Thai Lod Chong Dessert (Cendol Recipe)
Lod chong, also known as cendol, is a unique Southeast Asian dessert that doubles as a drink! It’s crafted with fun green jelly noodles made from rice flour and pandan and traditionally served cold with chilled ice, making it perfect for summer. With the easy instructions in my recipe, even those new to the Thai kitchen can make this at home.
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Thai lotus flower cookies presented on a traditional plate.
Thai Lotus Flower Cookies Recipe (Kanom Dok Jok)
Thai lotus flower cookies are a sweet, crunchy treat for any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, dessert, or even as a snack, they're always delicious! Making them at home is a bit trickier since you need a lotus flower cookie mold, but you can order one on Amazon or find it in some Asian grocery stores. If you're traveling to Thailand and stumble upon these at a local food market, don't think twice – just go for it!
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Top-view of agar agar jelly with fruits.
Agar Agar Jelly Recipe With Fruits
Have we come across a recipe that's refreshing and perfect for summer? Certainly, because there are many Thai desserts like that, but this one is a favorite! You can fill this fruit jelly with just about any fruit you can think of, like dragonfruit and mango, and the coconut layer really makes it complete. This is another fun one to prepare with the kids, and it's also a great make ahead option for parties since you can make it a day ahead and keep it chilled in the fridge.
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Kanom krok, Thai coconut pancakes, on a banana leaf.
Kanom Krok Recipe (Authentic Thai Coconut Pancakes)
Kanom krok, the delicious Thai coconut pancakes, are well-known sweets. These tasty pancakes, made with coconut milk and often topped with green onions, can be found at almost every street food market in Thailand and are incredibly popular with both locals and tourists. To make them at home, you'll need a special kanom krok pan or something similar with a rounded bottom. Definitely give my recipe a try; you're going to love it!
Check out this recipe
Colorful Thai luk chup mung bean dessert shaped like fruits and vegetables in a woven basket on a banana leaf background.
Thai Luk Chup Recipe (Mung Bean Dessert)
Luk chup are edible miniature shapes in the form of fruits. They are prepared with agar-agar powder, split mung beans, food coloring, and coconut milk. If you'd like to make these, prepare yourself for a whole day of fun in the kitchen. You first have to shape them and then decorate them; it's truly a labor of love. These are really fun to serve at a party or family gathering because they're such a rare sight!
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Colorful Thai ruam mit dessert recipe with jackfruit, red rubies, and starchy noodles in creamy coconut milk served in a rustic coconut bowl.
Thai Ruam Mit Dessert Recipe
Ruam mit is a colorful Thai dessert made with a variety of ingredients such as chewy tapioca pearls, sweet syrup, creamy coconut milk, and an assortment of fruits and jellies. With this dessert, the sky's the limit – mix, match, and experiment with flavors and textures to create something delicious.
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Khao lam, Thai sticky rice in bamboo dessert, with black beans topped with young coconut meat presented in a coconut shell.
Khao Lam Recipe (Sticky Rice In Bamboo)
My recipe for khao lam offers a fun twist on the traditional Thai recipe. Instead of using the classic bamboo tubes, I've opted for coconut shells. Traditionally, it's prepared over charcoal, but my recipe can also be baked in the oven! This makes it easier to create khao lam at home, though you'll still need to find coconut shells. It's a sticky rice dessert with a creamy flavor that's often prepared for festivals and celebrations in Thailand.
Check out this recipe
Khao tom mud, Thai sticky rice banana dessert, presented in banana leaves and a bamboo basket.
Khao Tom Mud Recipe (Banana Sticky Rice Dessert)
Khao tom mud is my grandmother's favorite recipe, and once you try it, you'll understand why. It's incredibly tasty for those who love Thai sticky rice and bananas, and you can easily adjust the sweetness to your liking. This dish is a staple at local food markets in the area where I live, Isan, in northeastern Thailand. This is a rural area where people still make extensive use of local ingredients found in nature.
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Mung bean pudding dessert, or tau suan, served in a coconut shell.
Mung Bean Pudding Recipe (Tau Suan)
Mung bean pudding, known as tua suan in Thailand, is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia. It combines mung beans with thick, creamy coconut milk and sweet syrup. In this recipe, you'll first steam the mung beans and then cook them with syrup water. It's the perfect end to any meal, but you can also enjoy it as a snack.
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Thai pandan coconut jelly deserved served on a black dish.
Pandan Coconut Jelly Dessert
Pandan jelly is another popular dish that you'll find at many markets in Thailand. I really love the jelly texture that's made with vegan agar-agar powder. This recipe is not only delicious to eat, but also very refreshing and perfect for taking on a road trip! It's pretty much my favorite thing to make when I will be travelling.
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A basket of crispy Thai fried banana chips, served on banana leaves with tropical flowers around.
Thai Fried Banana Chips Recipe
These fried banana chips aren't just a crispy dessert; they're also a sweet snack. The bananas are thinly sliced, fried, and then coated in sugar – Thai people love sugary snacks! Sweet and crunchy, they're perfect for munching on the go or while relaxing in front of the TV.
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Thai grilled bananas dessert with coconut caramel sauce.
Thai Grilled Bananas With Coconut Caramel Sauce
An easy and delicious Thai grilled bananas dessert recipe with coconut caramel sauce. Perfect for busy days!
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Thai roti dessert squares generously topped with sweetened condensed milk on a banana leaf.
Authentic Thai Roti Dessert Recipe
This delicious, buttery flatbread is usually made to order on hot griddles at street stalls, where it's cooked to crispy perfection right in front of eager customers. Thai Roti is very popular in southern Thailand, where it's often eaten as a side with Thai curries. Roti can be served as a meal, dessert, or snack. I love to drizzle it with plenty of sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle it with sugar.
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Thai shaved ice dessert topped with fresh mango, grass jelly, toasted bread, Sala syrup, and atap fruit.
Shaved Ice Recipe (Nam Kang Sai)
Shaved ice is a quick dessert or snack that you can really tailor to your taste. It consists of crushed ice topped with sala syrup, and the rest of the ingredients are all up to choice. You can choose from candy, grass jelly, fruit, and even toasted bread! It's very popular among children in Thailand, but I still love a delicious nam kang sai on warm days too.
Check out this recipe
Black sticky rice topped with smooth Thai custard.
Sweet Sticky Rice With Thai Custard (Sangkaya Recipe)
Sweet sticky rice with Thai custard, known as sangkaya, is a beloved Thai dessert that combines the creamy, rich flavor of egg custard with the sweet and sticky texture of coconut milk-infused sticky rice. Just the sweet purple sticky rice alone is to die for, and the egg custard on top only makes it even better!
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Khanom tom - Thai coconut balls served in a blue and white bowl on a banana leaf. In the distance are more colorful coconut balls, served in coconut shells.
Khanom Tom Recipe (Thai Coconut Balls Dessert)
Khanom Tom is made from Thai coconut balls, also known as round dumplings. The dumplings are made from glutinous rice flour, filled with a sweet coconut mixture, and then rolled in freshly grated coconut. It's sooo delicious and truly a unique to present at any party!
Check out this recipe
Close-up of Thai mango sticky rice dessert drizzled with coconut sauce and a purple orchid.
Thai Mango Sticky Rice Recipe (Khao Niao Mamuang)
And lastly, the well-known Thai mango sticky rice! Always prepared with fresh, sweet mango, sticky rice, and creamy coconut milk, this dessert is known all over the world. I don't know any Thai who doesn't love it. It can be found in many places but especially in Bangkok, I come across it very often, perhaps because there are many tourists there, although the local population is also very fond of it. It's definitely worth trying when you travel to Thailand!
Check out this recipe


These were some of my favorite traditional Thai desserts! If you’re still in the mood for something sweet, definitely check out my recipe on how to make Thai tea, my favorite sweet Thai drink. For even more delicious Thai recipes, take a look at my easy Thai recipes and healthy Thai recipes for a break from the sweet dishes.

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